Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slow start to this years sailing season

Not sure what happened to Oskar. On our first sail of the year he told us he was scared because the sailboat heels so much. Of course he really wants to kayak so that might have played into it. But it sure sound serious. I guess dad-son sails are not in sight for the near future. Heidi on the other hand really enjoyed it and joined us for the second sail.

Two sails is all we got in before going to the Wife-Husband Championship Regatta. At the Midwest District Regatta last year we decided with our friend Shannon and Mark (FS4113) to have our own perpetual trophy. So within two weeks Claus ordered Playmobile parts for the trophy topper and build the base. It barely got done in time for the regatta. It looks great. A little fragile for transport though. The title of the trophy is "Mississippi Border Battle - cheesy vs. corny"

The Mississippi Border Battle trophy

Today we did the first two races of the Wife-Husband. We placed 15th and 14th while our friends placed 14th and 15th. So tomorrows two races will decide if Iowa or Wisconsin wins.

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