Sunday, July 31, 2011

2011 Wife-Husband Championship Regatta at Delavan Lake, WI

We had big surprises at the Wife-Husband.  Not only did we regain the Mississippi Border Battle trophy but also captured third place of the Challenger division.  The battle with our Wisconsin friends was quite even after the first day.

The Mississippi Border Battle in progress

The second day was quite surprising.  We knew we sailed pretty decent, especially for us, except for a few mistakes especially on our last race.  One being that the skipper, Claus, messed up at the leeward (down wind gate) by thinking that the neighboring boat was hailing us to give room and we were required to do so.  Neither of which was true.  In order to give room and not to touch the mark we ended up with a 360 degree turn.  Another being not giving room to the neighboring boat on the downwind leg.  Finally the skipper just had to utilize the bailer in the middle of the race and because of it had to do a last minute tack which was a bit out of control and the wind overpowered the boat.  None the less we got first place during that last race which secured third overall in the challenger division (the B-team of sailing).  Melissa did an awesome job flying the spinnaker.

Melissa relaxing between races

Skipper Claus

Of course we are all quite excited about it since we got our first (properly earned) FSSA trophy.

Trophy award ceremony

2011 Wife-Husband Flying Scot
Championship Division Results

2011 Wife-Husband Flying Scot
Challenger Division Results

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