Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oskar's first regatta

We attended this the Wood Duck regatta of the Medicine Lake Sailing Club at Plymouth, MN. The first race Claus single handed since Oskar had an upset stomach and Melissa stayed with him. With us on the race course were Larry with Ketchup, Jeff, and a J boat. The other sailors were kind enough to us by not flying the spinnaker. Oskar felt better in the afternoon and after the lunch break he and Melissa joined us for the second and third race. This time it was only Ketchup and us out on the race course. Of course it was clear even before the start that we'd be in the last place as expected and second place by default. None the less it was still fun to sail the regatta.

Oskar's answer to how he liked the regatta was "awesome". But he also mentioned "it wasn't a real regatta" because it "needs to be longer" and "needs to be more boats, 14 boats, we only had 2 boats."

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