Monday, May 28, 2012

Extreme hiking

Today we destroyed an ecosystem again. Taking off the boat cover for the first time in the season, especially if it's this late in the season, can give you many surprises what critters have made their home in the boat. This time it wasn't to bad though just the usual the spiders and one wasp.

The whole family went out with me this Memorial day morning for the first sail of the year. It was gusty as usually on Big Creek. For some reason the crew didn't release the jib when a gust came instead decided to do an extreme hike. She was holding on for dear life on the windward shroud while having one foot on the railing and everything below it. We thought we would loose her, but thanks to skipper grabbing her foot and the rigorousness kettle-bell workout that from now on every crew has to go through, we got her back aboard.

This season's highlight will be the 2012 Flying Scot North American Championships (NACs) at Carlyle Illinois. We're excited to have a great week of sailing, raising and socializing. That week we will have to defend the Mississippi Border Battle trophy as well. Rumors also has that my crew will race at the Women's Championship which would be awesome. Most likely it wouldn't be with me but she would be crewing on the Flying Finn.

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