Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ready to Sail

Well, the wash down took a while and the winterization never happened. But this is a good thing as I got to stay in a nice sheltered garage all winter long while I got a small make over.

The varnish of the centerboard trunk cap got really bad and needed some attention. All the hardware on the mahagoni cap was removed and the board itself was removed from the centerboard trunk as well. After the old varnish got sanded off a crack got glued with epoxy. Then a couple coats of Interlux Inter-Prime Sealer #1026 followed by two more coats of Z-Spar #2015 Flagship Varnish was applied. Wile we were at it a couple of coats of the varnish was also applied to the tabernacle and the wood supports of the jib blocks. Now I look all nice again. The wash and wax of course helps, too.

While reinstalling the hardware we noticed that the plastic roller of the 360 centerboard swivel cleat was worn on one side so much the metal sheave was starting to show through. Yes, it wasn't much of a roller but it still worked fine. We replaced it with the snazzy Harken sheave kit. The kit is basically a Harken roller with bearings and some washer to pad the sides of the centerboard swivel cleats. We'll see how it performs once we get out to sail. So let's go sailing. I'm rigged and ready at the lake.

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